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Marketing Campaigns: Stand out, incite action

For the last 25 years, Liew Design has been helping companies stand out from the crowd. The formula is simple — a compelling concept with the right “break through the noise” message and design, followed by an equally compelling offer.

They brought a fresh, innovative approach to our direct mail and ad campaigns, delivering incredible response rates. I welcome any opportunity to work with them again.”

Heidi Cerenzia, Senior Director, Demand Generation at Capriza

Chordiant “Still Asking Scripted Questions?”: Multi-tiered online and offline campaign that successfully broke through “the noise” with a fun, memorable and effective mailer.

Chordiant “Ace Your Customer Retention": Direct mail campaign designed to grab attention of prospects.

Vocera “Fall Prevention”: Mailer that folded into a three-dimensional sign to promote awareness of fall prevention.

Foundry Networks: Online and offline campaign for North and South Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.