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Net2TV’s Portico: The making of a brand identity
Once upon a time, TV brand marks were simpler. Not anymore.

Net2TV needed a visual brand identity for its newly formed Portico TV service. The mark needed to work in environments ranging from traditional broadcast watermarks and full-color animated promos, to smart TV app stores, web browsers and mobile phones. And it needed to be strong enough to not only hold its own next to major brands, but also work as an ingredient brand in partner environments.

LDI delivered with a mark that looks perfectly at home wherever it is, and whoever it is next to — even major consumer and media brands.

Kwang and his team created just what we needed — a mark that stands out from the pack but also works well when partnered with other media brands. Their work from logo to brochure and advertisements gave us the look we needed.”

Jim Monroe, Co-founder and SVP Programming, Net2TV Corp.

The exploration of the Portico logo concepts.

Portico identity guidelines plus samples of mailer, brochure and advertising.

App store and on-screen application plus website design.

Trade show and conference look and feel.