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Design Gets Personal

Sometimes, the need for good design extends beyond the workplace. Here are a few milestone events that we made even more memorable with fun concepts, designs, and implementations that helped transform them into extraordinary celebrations.

Taking Flight: As Pei Liew “takes flight” by going to college, so too does her dad's money! A flock of origami cranes made of $100 bills, plus large graphics created a symbolic backdrop for this special farewell event. A 20-step origami instruction graphic depicted every year of Pei's life and its corresponding milestone. Step 20 culminated with the completed crane, ready to take flight.

Guerra @ 80: In the spirit of Honor Thy Father…or in this case, Thy Father-in-Law, Liew Design created a commemorative design package including logo, invitations and t-shirts. Tabletop graphics and large banners personalized the physical space for this special event.